Residents of two villages demand road



DILLAI, Mar 25: Kangching Teron and Monsing Teron villages are of the oldest village in Dillai area but villagers have continued to be deprived of basic needs and infrastructure which has become a major barrier towards any development.

Rongplimplam High School class X student Pooja Terangpi told TDE, “To reach our school we have travel long distance and cross bridge over Dillai river which is made from bamboos which cannot guarantee safety of people and especially vulnerable section of area which are minor children, students and women. Many of us do not have any choice but to return back home as the bamboo bridge always gets washed away during rainy seasons every year.” Lamenting their helplessness, the student said that if the government and local authority construct good road then majority of their hardships would gone.

Elderly villagers told TDE that their village is more 70 years old but successive governments and parties in power had failed to bring any change. While demanding attention to the woes of the villagers, the elderly women said that the fate of the two villages hinges on the sympathy of the present government.

It may be mentioned that Kangching Teron and Monsing Teron village situated at Rongplimplam, under the Borjan constituency.