Public lambasts local MAC for acute water crisis in Rongmandu



HAMREN, Mar 25: The Chingthong Rongmandu area under the No. 3 Chinthong MAC constituency of West Karbi Anglong district had been badly affected by the lack of proper drinking water facility. People have alleged that the present local representative to the KAAC Prodeep Rongpi had won from the same constituency for five times but had done nothing to solve the problem of water faced the villagers.

Locals have also alleged that despite taking the charge of the PHE department under the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council for several terms, Prodeep Rongpi had failed to provide the most basic need of the people. Not only are the people suffering due to water crisis, they don’t have access to electricity and proper road as well, sources said.

“We do not have any pipeline for water, ring-well or hand-pump here. We collect water from the far away stagnant pools and small streams that often dry-up during winter and dry season. Our women and children who look after the household needs have been facing the pain to carry water from far distance since long time,” said a village elder while talking to our correspondent.

They helpless people have been living with hopes to receive help from the government. But, there hopes are shattered as even after long years of the formation of the KAAC and having their own people represent them for governance and development, they are still not fortunate enough have better days in life. However, they haven’t given up hopes and have urged upon the authority to solve their problems.