Katholbari medical sub centre in dilapidated condition


Staff Reporter

DIPHU, Mar 25: In what may not be a shock to people of the hill districts, the medical sub centre at Kotholbari Daldali has not been functioning since the past seven years.

The sorry affair of the sub-centre was discovered by group of local reporter who visited the said sub centre here on Wednesday. Not only is the centre in dilapidated condition, but the entire campus has deeply covered by thick bushes and undergrowth making it almost impossible of its existence in the area.

According local people of the area, there is sub centre was established way back in 2013 but it was never utilized for the purpose it had been constructed. Villagers told reporters that people of entire Kothalbari areas had to go outside for any medical emergencies.

“Whatever may be the reasons, hundreds of villagers have and continued to be deprived of certain basic amenities. Our condition is made worse by the absence of other basic infrastructure like school, roads, drinking water, electricity among others,” villager told reporters.

The building medical sub-centre resembles like a very old building where only wild animals and creatures inhabit and breeds. People of the area has no information whether any staff or medical officer has been appointed or not with some residents even stating that the failure to launch service at the centre might be of other reasons that the concerned department would not make it public