COVID-19: Quarantine, Lockdown


With the increased number of death across the globe caused by COVID-19, authority of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) has decided to put the entire district on lockdown from March 23. Majority of the states have already announced lockdown and Karbi Anglong district also proclaimed it today. Although the KAAC authority has declared that hospitals, grocery shops, pharmacies, vegetable shops and other essential commodity supply chains will remain open, the lockdown and people’s fears to go out will automatically affect the economy of the district, state and the country as a whole.
For fear of the disease, most of the people in the district have decided to stay indoors.

Anticipating a complete lockdown, the public have started to stock up their food items. It is quite shocking to learn that some grocery stores have taken advantage of the situation by inflating the price of certain goods. Instead of helping each other during this period of global crisis, some people have started to tear each other apart. If I have not mistaken, the government has issued notification to businessmen that price hike of commodities are not allowed in the country. God knows if the businessmen and vegetable vendors in our district have any idea about the notification. If they know, they are violating the rule issued by the government, and if they say that they don’t know about the notification, they are either pretending to be ignorant or they don’t want to know it. We humans are a weird being after all. There are many good people who always go out of their way to help others. However, there are some people who tend to take advantage of the situation. Selfishness is after all, one of man’s best friends. So, reaping more profit in times of crisis is a normal case for them.

This global crisis will teach us many lessons. Some people will tend to be selfish, some will succumb to their fellowmen’s selfish deeds, some will learn to be mentally and physically strong and some will learn to be humble, gentle and so on. We don’t know what is in store for us in the coming days, but let us help each other, for we don’t know how many days are left in our hands until the virus gets eradicated. We should be self dependent, but let us learn to depend and hope on each other and overcome this crisis together.