COVID-19 outbreak


The global coronavirus outbreak has so far claimed more than 8000 lives and infected lakhs of people across the globe within a short span of time. China has reported on Thursday that there was no new local infections in the country for the first time since the virus crisis began three months ago, thereby, reaching a milestone in its battle.
However, latest reports from other parts of the world clearly tell us that the real crisis has just begun. In Spain, at least 1000 people have died from the disease and the death toll in Italy has also risen in the last 24 hours to more than 3,400, overtaking the total number of deaths so far registered in China.
The reason why I mentioned Spain and Italy is that, these two countries are very advanced and in 2000 AD, Italy’s healthcare system was regarded by World Health Organisation’s ranking as the second best in the world after France while Spanish healthcare system is ranked as the 7th best healthcare in the world by WHO in the same year. Taking that into consideration, we should thank the government for trying its best to curb the spread of the dreaded disease applying different methods like spreading awareness among the public, adopting preventive measures among others. However, the country’s huge population and high rate of slum dwellers have emerged as the stumbling block in fighting against the dreaded virus. Adding fuel to the fire, the country’s healthcare system in both urban and rural areas is not commendable.
Just yesterday, one person posted in social media expressing concern over the spread of COVID-19 in north eastern states in general and Karbi Anglong district in particular. He stated that if the pandemic spreads in the district or if someone from the district gets infected by any chance, the situation will be worst than Spain or Italy because our district doesn’t have proper healthcare system and there is no place for treatment of the said virus in the entire district. What this person said is true. If anyone gets infected or if the endemic spreads, the situation will turn very bad. Misinformation by social media is another setback and the public has to be really careful.
For now, the public should not panic; rather, we should know that prevention is the only way to not get infected by the virus. We should verify the dos and don’ts from credible sources like WHO websites, government websites, authentic media reports, government advertisements etc. Apart from that, the public should not believe in false rumors.