Prime Minister Calls for Janta Curfew


NEW DELHI, Mar 19: Indian prime minister Narendra Modi had today today called for a self-imposed Janta curfew to be observed by Indians on Sunday, March 22. In a live braodcast today, Modi urged all Indians to stay at home from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. He said, “The citizen curfew will go towards proving our self-restraint and help us in future situations.”

Modi said that a task force will be constituted under the Finance Minister to look ensure all steps are taken to reduce economic difficulties. He added that the task force will make timely interventions for all economic sections of the society.

Praising the selflless duty being delivered by the doctors, nurses and everybody related to healthcare, sanitation and all other essential services, Modi also appealed to citizens to come to their doorsteps or balconies at 5 p.m. on Sunday to appreciate their work. He said, “Come to your balconies and courtyards and streets and applaud, ring bells, bang on thalis for those who are working day and night.”

Citizens also need not panic and start hoarding groceries and food items, Modi stated. The supply of all such items will not be disrupted, he said. Modi said that the Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis that has impacted the globe in a way even more than the two World Wars.

“This crisis is so big and global that all Indians need to combat the situation with resolve,” Modi said. “Saving ourselves from Covid-19 needs to be the primary priority in our lives. The human race and Indians need to win this fight.”