Illegal Supply of Forest Resources Irks Public


BOKAJAN, Mar 19: There are Forest check posts in various places under the Bokajan sub-division which look after the supply of forest resources from the district. However, complaints have come from the general public about the failure of the forest check gates to stop illegal supply of sand, timber and other forest resources.

A concerned person while talking to our TDE correspondent said, “Everyday, hundreds of trucks loaded with sand, stone, coal, etc pass the check-post and go to Dimapur.

However, none of the trucks are stopped by the forest department officials. Does it mean that all the trucks have proper TP Challan?”

Another person had alleged that the trucks without proper challan are allowed to cross the check gate by paying Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 to different Sand mahaldars. As such, general public had shown their concern over the loss of revenue by the Forest department. They have urged upon the KAAC Forest board chairman Richard Tokbi to take immediate and stringent action to prevent further supply of frost resources without proper tax.