Coronavirus: Are we Prepared for an Outbreak?


The government of Assam has taken a very encouraging precaution against Coronavirus by closing down schools, colleges and universities and preventing public gatherings. The recent outbreak of the disease left several people dead and the disease is spreading in different parts of the world, including India. Sources informed that one person from Manipur state was tested positive with the virus, and the government of Assam has left no stone unturned to keep its people safe from the dreaded epidemic.

The disease itself is bad; however, we are lucky that we are not the first one to experience the panic. We have seen in the news that many affected countries have stock up on supplies. We should be prepared but, we will be able to tell whether our efforts of preparation are successful after the storm has passed. The government is taking a very good step by issuing orders for closure of educational institutions across the state. It is one of the ways to prepare ourselves for something bad. Therefore, whether we are prepared or not, we will know only at the end of the whole period, because we don’t know how to prepare until we face the whole situation.

We are a developing nation and our district is one of the most backward districts in the country. What is more worrying is that, even developed nations like the US, Australia lack medical testing across their country. Most of our populace lives in remote villages and medical testing is a very far cry; forget about the high quality masks, sanitizers and suits. It is clearly given in the internet that COVID-19 typically has a fever, cough, shortness of breath and other respiratory problems. The virus spreads through person-to-person contact. Therefore, it is an expensive disease for common and poor people, for we will not be able to afford all the necessary prevention equipments.

For now, the questions in every citizen’s mind are, are we going to be quarantined? Will we be asked by the authority to stay indoors? Will we not be allowed to go out of our homes? Will the authority issue orders to avoid going to religious and cultural events?
The hospitals in the district have very little amenities. The people, especially the underprivileged will go hungry if they are forced to stay indoors for a long period of time. Let us remind ourselves about the indefinite Karbi Anglong Bandh called by several underground groups. It is not the rich, but the poor that are affected the most.

Coronavirus is much worst than indefinite Karbi Anglong bandh. Therefore, let us be alert and prepare ourselves mentally. We should not be panicked by the recent developments; rather, we should keep ourselves updated and do things accordingly.