Ru Semson Sing Ingti’s dream and today’s generation


Looking back some times, of the past is worthwhile for the purpose of historical reflection that had happened in us way back in 1952 the day Karbi Anglong district was born as a scion of the then undivided Assam. Thanks to Lt. Semsonsing Ingti’s leadership and his dream to impart good education to all children in the district. He knew it back then that education is the only powerful instrument to bring all round development in the society and it’s effective agency to transform individual’s life.  Being a school sub-inspector in the Department of Education, he came to know about the illiterate and backward Karbi people living in villages and hills. His dreams came true when some government schools were instituted in some parts of clustered towns like Diphu, Donkamukam, Dokmoka etc. Consecutively, Diphu Government College was established and many youths of the district were greatly benefitted even today.

On the death anniversary of the great leader, let us question among ourselves whether we are fulfilling his dream of being educated. His aim was to bring all the Karbis under a single political administration so that necessary measures could be taken to uplift the tribe. His aim was to unite all the Karbis. Divided as we are now, can we claim that we are following the footsteps of the architect of our district? Today, we have very few dedicated leaders who work genuinely for the growth and development of our people. We can see many young generation leaders slowly falling into the clutch of money and we can also see the rights and privileges of the scheduled tribes fall along with them. We have many leaders but we have severe leadership crisis in our district. Our district has become such a situation that when one is compromised, the other suffers. I think, it is time to for everyone to take a step back and think twice before it is too late, lest our tribe gets wiped out. Because, we cannot continue to dance to the tune of ruins, for, existence of a tribe, its rights and privilege is far more important than our personal egos and ambitions.

Therefore, young leaders should be cautious of this danger and take preventive measures by means of sincerity, honesty, work culture, patriotic spirit towards themselves and others. If young people in the society are flopped, the entire tribe and society will be annihilated by external forces. Good values should be inseminated in the hearts and minds of the younger generations in order to become useful social assets.