Poor production of broom hits local residents badly


Koilamati, Feb 26: Over the years the local residents of Koilamati, Resakhidi, Kosomlangso, Chekso, Upper Deigrum, Mai Timung, Oklangchar, Phangcherop and nearby areas have been able to meet the financial requirements of the family from the money they earn from the sale of broom cane. The season of harvest have always proved them helpful in getting their children admitted in schools in time.

However, years after years the numbers of cultivators is seen to be declining quickly. And this year the production too declined very deep. They grass did not have healthy corn and also the frequent encroachment of wild elephants resulted in the destruction of several grove.

In the last weekly market, the price of broom dropped from Rs. 10 per bundle to Rs. 7. Many have said that the decline in the production of broom is a sign of approaching drought and famine. They also added that if broom does not grow well, other crops are also prone to fail.

Whatever may the predictions and assumptions be, but the decline in the production of broom has created a scene of helplessness among the local people because they are finding it difficult to send their children to school on time.