Effective Measures Should be Adopted to Attain Statehood: Holiram Terang


DIPHU, Feb 20: The Autonomous State Demand Committee reasserts its commitment on statehood movement in a press statement issued by ASDC president Holiram Terang here today.

In its statement, the ASDC president recalled the launching of the statehood movement which was launched on February 20, 1986 terming it as a consequence of the historical blunder committed by the then elected leaders from Karbi Adorbar who contested election from Congress ticket.

The special session of the then Mikir Hills District Council convened on February 20, 1970, was to discuss on the subject “The Constitution (Twenty-Second Amendment) Act, 1969” where in the subject of the insertion of a new article in 244A – which created the provision for the creation of an autonomous state comprising of certain tribal areas in Assam was included.

Instead, the then CEM and MDC of the District Council rejected the bill and took resolution to continue to be with Assam as a result of misleading propaganda spread out by that if the hill districts were separated from Assam, the Karbis and other tribes would be assimilated with the other much advanced tribes. “Had the elected Congress leaders told the people that the autonomous state could also be created comprising of Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills Autonomous District Council, people of the hill districts would not have to fight for autonomous state or separate state now,” ASDC president charged. The party had expressed their sorrow and agony on the pain and suffering that the people of these two hill districts had to face all these years.

“On this day 34 years back in 1986 that resolution to start struggle movement. As per the oath of ‘No Autonomous State, No Rest,’ we have to keep the struggle alive by adopting different methods to achieve it,” concluded ASDC president Holiram Terang.