Donkamukam Lightning Club Donates Biodegradable Dustbins for 46th KYF


Staff Reporter
DIPHU, Feb 14: Dongkamukam Lightning Club donated over 125 dustbins for the forthcoming 46th Karbi Youth Festival at Karbi Peoples’ Hall, Taralangso on Friday.

The kind gesture of the club is a significant event and a direct campaign towards promoting cleanliness and hygiene during the mega event. The dustbins were formally handed over to KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang in presence of MP Horensing Bey, EM Mongalsing Timung, MAC Richard Tokbi, president of KCS Chandrasing Kro and members of Lightning club.

In his speech, CEM Ronghang expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the club for their kind gesture and said that the club has done a very important task by donating the dustbins.

“I do really hope that this KYF will be dirt free. Cleanliness is next to godliness and we should maintain cleanliness and hygiene during the festival. It is our responsibility to make Taralangso a clean and hygiene place,” CEM stated.