Thepli Aram English ME School Functioning Sans Building


JENGKHA, Feb 12: For majority of the population inside West Karbi Anglong District, ‘Parivartan’ is still literally an alien word as no noticeable change has taken place in the lives and the condition of the common people. Thepli Aram English ME School under the Rongkhang Education Block, which is functioning without proper school building, is bearing the brunt of successive government’s neglect and elected representatives’ failure to reach out even after decades has already passed.

According to local population of the area, local people have somehow been running the school under tremendous hardships with insufficient CGI sheets donated by School Managing Committee as there are lots of students studying in the school. Moreover, the school has been functioning without basic facilities and infrastructures including toilets rooms for students and teachers, and boundary walls added local residents.

Expressing their grief and disappointment, local people of the area said, “The leaders themselves are the ones who would always deliver long speeches that children should study very hard and aim for excellence in order to succeed and bring change to their family and society. They are the ones who promised to extend their help and support towards poor people but when they get elected, they would immediately forget the genuine hardships and problems of the villagers.”

“Thepliaram English ME School is one of the many schools that failed to catch the attention of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council for a long time. Therefore, we would like to request the current team of elected representatives of KAAC for their immediate initiative and action to provide basic infrastructure and all facilities and rights guaranteed under the Right to Education Act, 2009,” a concerned and educated youth said.

“We urge upon Team Karbi Anglong to visit our school to verify and understand the real problems the students are facing,” concluded the youth.