DC & Officials Visit Schools Affected by 2019 Flood


DONGKAMUKAM, Feb 12: Deputy Commissioner of West Karbi Anglong Isfaquor Rahman, SDPEO Hakim Rongpi and BPEO/BMC Hunmily Bongrungpi on Wednesday paid a visit to Nam Taradubi LP School and Mugasong LP School in West Karbi Anglong where several school materials were destroyed by flood on October 27, 2019.

DC and his team visited the school premises after the state government took the decision to repair and provide materials to those schools under Chief Minister Disaster Management Scheme.

While addressing the gathering, DC also instructed teachers of the two schools to impart quality education to students with sincerity saying that government schools are the last options for poor parents who could not afford to send their children to private institutions. He also urged the parents and villagers as a whole to take care of their children and guide them properly so that they will fare well in education.
On the other hand, SDPEO Hakim Rongpi urged the SMC to remain alert and oversee if teachers are doing their duties well.

“Students will fare well in their studies if teachers are regular and also teach them with utmost sincerity. Therefore, SMC should do their part and should be alert for the betterment of the students,” he said.