Borpung and Adjoining Area Villagers Rue over Lack of Bridge


KOILAMATI, Feb 10: Villagers of Borpung, Tarapung,Arlong voti, Bithi Langso and Borlangso under the 25-Nilip MAC Constituency has expressed deep sorrow and pain over lack of bridge over Kaliani river to connect with the rest of Karbi Anglong district.
These villages are one of the most backward and neglected area and villagers faces extreme hardship on daily basis due to lack of access road and most importantly bridge over Kaliani river which have to be crossed in order for them to buy daily food items and every basic needs of life.

Villagers told TDE that infants, children, women, elderly people and patients are the hardest hit section of their area due to lack of proper and safe bridge and access road and becomes more dangerous for all of them during rainy seasons as water level of the river rises up to great extent.

“Though we have temporary bridge made from bamboos, we fear for the safety of our family members and villagers as we cannot give guarantee of its lifespan and strength,” said a villager.

“People of our village and adjoining areas are yet to see ‘Parivartan’ and therefore, urge upon our elected leaders and all of our well wishers to understand our pain and to consider our demands for bridges and access road in the greater interests of all people of the constituency,” villager concluded.