24+ Orgs to Intensify Demand Movement and Stir Progs


If CEM Completes Separate KAAC Electoral, 24+Orgs Leader would Kneel Down to our Knees to thank him: Ratan Terang

Staff Reporter: DIPHU, Feb 10: Seeing no positive response to their demands, a crucial meeting of the 24+ organizations Volomkom Aji playground today during which organizations resolved to intensify their movement and stir against the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council.

24+organizations convener Ratan Terang during his speech at the meeting expressed great displeasure and severely criticized current elected representatives of the KAAC stating that they have failed in fulfilling their promises and have betrayed their own people by not framing KAAC’s election laws and making its separate voter list as directed by Gauhati High Court.

He reminded that demands and causes taken up by the 24+ organizations are for the survival and future of Karbis and all indigenous tribes of the hill districts of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao and therefore, no one should have any doubts about its intention or causes.

Terang also said that they would continue their movement and programmes until their goals and objectives are fulfilled and also warned that present KAAC leaders would be held responsible if the movement of the hill people are sabotaged or hijacked.

Further, Terang declared, “If CEM Tuliram Ronghang manage to work and complete the task of making new and separate KAAC electoral roll and election laws, then leaders of 24+ organizations would genuinely kneel down on our knees before him to thank him and express our gratitude.”