Erect Road Safety Signs Immediately: Rongjangphong Residents


Absence of Traffic Signals Poses Risk Ahead of KYF

DIPHU, Feb 09: The newly completed road connecting Diphu-Manja road with Taralangso have brought cheers to residents of many villages but the absence of road safety signs have also caused serious concerns among residents of Rongjangphong area.

The steep descent on the ‘S’ curve at the end of the APDCL power station which poses huge risks to drivers and passengers and it is the most dangerous especially for new drivers and visitors intents to visit Taralangso area.

“We urge upon the PWD and concerned authority to immediately erect warning signs around the power station area to warn about decent and a speed limit sign before reaching the Rongjangphong crossroad to prevent any untoward incident here,” local resident told The Drongo Express here today.

“It is our request to the concerned department and contractor to erect the warning and signal signboard before the Karbi Youth Festival begins as there may be a lot of youngsters and people who may drive recklessly and might cause dangers to public including co-passengers and local residents,” added local resident.

“Traffic signals instantly alerts driver about the road conditions ahead and gives instructions to be followed at the major crossroads or junctions, warns or guide to ensure safety and functioning of road traffic. We want safety of all people and warm memories for all visitors therefore, we hope that our request in the safety and interest of all citizens be immediately and positively responded,” concluded resident.