DMCH Old Block Plagued by Rising Incidents of Petty Thefts


Public demands CCTV and more security

DIPHU, Feb 09: Theft committed inside Diphu Medical College and Hospital old block premises have become increasingly scary due to its magnitude and the failure to capture those who are involved in this anti-social activities. The problem of theft are now at an all-time high additionally affecting several patients and attendants.

According to attendants and local people of the area, wallets, mobile phones and other are routinely stolen from inside the hospital. “Though unreported and unregistered three incidents had taken place recently involving of theft of mobile and wallets thefts by unidentified persons,”said one of the employees. These unwanted incidents have created great insecurity among patients and attendants who comes for treatment from all over the district for treatment, employees added.

Narrating his own tale an attendant told TDE, “We were sleeping at our paying cabin No.9 when my mobile phone which was kept at the table vanished from our room at around 12.30am. It happened with me and I have seen the thief picking the phone through window but could not stop him as the thief was too swift and fled away taking advantages of the darkness.”

Lamenting the lack of security inside the hospital, patients said, “It is a serious matter and the concerned authority and department must look into it as soon as possible since many unsuspecting victims of thefts are from very poor background and losing valuable items causes more financial hardships to them.”

Meanwhile, local residents of the area have also expressed serious concerns over these incidents that continued to be heard from hospital. “Moreover, due to the establishment of DMCH security for the old hospital have been almost abandoned resulting in rise of thefts of valuable items of patients and attendants,” local resident told TDE.

Further, patients and attendants has appealed the hospital authority to install CCTV in vital locations of the hospital buildings with uninterrupted lighting facilities in order to stop these petty crimes and nab culprits involved in these robberies.