28th Karbi Lammet Amei Conference Concludes at Longnit


DIPHU, Jan 23: The four-day long 28th annual conference of Karbi Lammet Amei (KLA) successfully concluded amid much endeavor at Kuruna Taro aklam, Borchan Longnit this evening.

On the concluding day, a public meeting was presided over by outgoing KLA president Suren Kramsa while introduction of guests was carried out by secretary Kamsing Hanse.

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) EM Rupsing Teron attended the programme as chief guest along with several dignitaries who include EM Khonsing Rongpi, Kache Rongpipi, Raju Tisso, MAC Seema Ronghangpi, board chaiman Bidya Sing Teron, Sarso Tisso, BTC chairman Meera Tissopi, ex-EM Humsing Bey, Mohen Bey, KCS president Chandrasing Kro, secretary Bidyasing Rongpi, KANCHASDCOM president Ajit Timung, JACAS president Khorsing Teron, newly elected president Hidhinath Rongpi, reception committee secretary Dr Lipson Rongpi and others. The meeting was also attended by leaders of various social organizations from different parts of Karbi Anglong, village headmen of Borchan areas and the public.

All the guests who addressed the public spoke about the importance of language for a particular tribe or community and shared various strategies on how to preserve the Karbi language. The guests also appealed the public in general and the younger generations in particular to preserve the Karbi language and literature so that it will not disappear into thin air. The 28th KLA conference concluded with a positive note with huge cooperation from the public in spite of inclement weather at the beginning.