Shooting of Tiwa Documentary Film ‘Sikaisal’ Starts


ULUKUNCHI, Jan 21: With an aim to create awareness on education and culture, filming of a Tiwa documentary film titled ‘Sikaisal’ started at Ulukunchi Tiwa Dekasang under Amri MAC Constituency in West Karbi Anglong district.

In Tiwa language, “Sikaisal” means “a school”. The film is a Tiwa culture & language heritage programme organised under the sponsorship of Tiwa Autonomous Council, Morigoan District. The film will be directed and produced by Boby Sarma Barua.

The event started with introduction of guests by Moheswar Pator. Several dignitaries who include CEM of Tiwa Autonomous Conci Paban Manta, Deputy CEM Mohon Senapati, Tiwa Sahitya Sabha president Lalsing Madar, local MAC D. Uphing Maslai, retired Principal of Jagiroad College Tulsi Bordoloi, Amri KCS Zone president Harlinson Ronghi and others.