Poor Quality of Retaining Wall Poses Threat to Commuters


Residents urge Authority for Inspection of Work Carried out by Simplex Infrastructure Ltd

Staff Reporter
DIPHU, Jan 21: Simplex Infrastructures Ltd has become synonymous with delays, incomplete work and construction of third-grade highways in the twin hill districts of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao.

The latest to be included in the list is the construction of stone pitching retaining wall along Diphu-Lumding road around 3 kilometres away from Diphu town where the shoddy work were detected by reporters during visit to the area. The construction works which have been completed are extremely poor in quality both in the materials used as well as in its construction.

According to locals, the stones, cements and sand used by them were likely not of recommended quality and mortar (mixture of sand and cement) have not been seen applied on all joints leaving huge gaps which is clearly visible to all eyes. As a result of this, local people have expressed fears of its short-live structure and extremely risky to public. “These walls could collapse any time as it does not look strong enough to support or stand if there is a huge pressure from heavy rain or earthquake,” local resident told TDE. In addition to these, local residents told reporters that the retaining wall may collapse even before the whole construction project is over.

Local residents have appealed upon concerned authority including Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, MP and students and civil organizations of the hill district to visit and inspect the construction work carried out by Simplex Infrastructure Ltd.

Around four years back, Karbi Students’ & Youth Council (KSYC) under its president Rajendra Kramsa filed a complaint with the administration against Simplex Company over use of third grade sand for construction of drainage system.