APHLC Celebrates 1st Foundation Day


Staff Reporter
DIPHU, Jan 21: All Party Hills Leaders Conference (APHLC) today celebrated its 1st founday day at Lorulangso ground in Diphu today. Present at the event include NEFIP speaker RL Fanai, Peter Twiprasa among others.

While speaking at the event, president JI Kathar expressed gratitude to the people and its members for their support to the party despite great challenges it faces. The APHLC president attacked the current government over its failure solve the long standing demands of Karbi and other indigenous tribes of the nort eastern states of India. While sharing about the movement of tribals to protect their identity, culture, language institution, land, territory among others, Kathar said that Tribal League and several tribal leaders including Bhimbor Deori, Semson Sing Ingti, Upen Brahma have mysteriously died very early and therefore, people who are not well informed and qualified become leaders which led weakening of tribal institution.

Anand Sharma who is heading Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs on Constitution 125 Amendment Bill, 2019 pose great threat to the Sixth Schedule as the Autonomous Council have failed to frame its own election rule. Further, Kathar said that in contrast to Gauhati High Court’s order to frame its own laws, the present elected representative instead surrendered its power to the state as has been already submitted to Parliamentary Standing Commitee stating that the superitendence direction for and the conduct of all elections to the District Council, Regional Council, Village Council and Municipal Council shall be vested in the State Election appointed by the Governor for that state.

He urged upon the people of the hill districts and leaders to identity threats that pose to its existence and commit themselves for securing their future with the decisions they take on all matters including political, economic and social. He urged upon the people for unity and to continue their support to their party in the days to come.