Taking a Meaningful New Year Resolution


A New Year’s resolution is a promise a person makes for the New Year. Some people make a promise to change a bad habit such as quitting smoking, giving more time to family etc. People say that it is not worth making resolutions that you won’t keep, and therefore, we need to take the right decision so that we won’t feel guilty for our inability to maintain it.

One of the primary aspects of life is making a right decision. The year 2020 is the year of new hopes and new aspirations to be achieved by people living in various walks of life; parents, students, administrators, stakeholders, policy makers and many others need to set their respective goals in order to build a better future for themselves. Some people consider that if things go horribly wrong after they have made a decision, they evaluate the decision as a bad one. Sometimes we fail to understand that there will be consequences to any decision whether good or bad. Failure is the pillar of success and many people fall, rise up again and become stronger persons.

Arriving at this personal agendum, we should learn to appreciate the past experiences, treasure the good ones and learn from our mistakes. We should keep in mind that wherever we stand at present is based on the past. However, self-analysis should be made as it is the mirror of evaluation and plays a pivotal role for improvement.

Positive attitude amidst trials and tribulations will lead us to personal accomplishment at the end of the year; nonetheless commitment and self-motivation should be part of our practice in order to be more fruitful. Nothing shall perturb us in our course of struggle because, once the goal is set, it will become a priority and that nothing will abate us from going ahead because our personal resolution stays as an essential condition or a sine-qua non. Achieving a meaningful life involves a pro-active approach which does not come all of a sudden but requires consistency, perseverance and industriousness as integral part of natural law without which everything can be futile.

Therefore, let us be careful with our decision making and face life with a positive attitude. Let us hope for a better future.