Karbi Harvest Dance festival held in Dolamara



DOLAMARA, Jan 18:  The post harvesting dance festival of the Karbis known as Hacha Kekan was celebrated at Dolamara cultural complex on Friday where the youth of the town participated in the festival.

The programme begin with the welcoming of the guests followed by performance of the post harvesting dance Hacha Kekan, by three KCS unit including Klimsomar, Vojaru and Aturkimi unit. Inaugurating the dance festival local MAC Richard Tokbi appealed the youth to participate in such programme to keep alive the rich culture and tradition of the Karbis. He also appreciated the organizers for organizing such important festival and encouraged them to take the Karbi culture to a new level. He also expressed his desire to extend his help in the upcoming cultural events.

The programme was concluded with a community feast in the later part of the day. The dance festival was being organized by Karbi Cultural Society, Duarbagori.