APHLC appeals KAAC to prepare genuine & separate voters list for KAAC poll


DIPHU, Jan 13: All Party Hills Leaders’ Conference (APHLC) on Monday submitted a memorandum to KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang reminding him of the KAAC’s failure to frame its own rules within the time frame given by the High Court today.

The memorandum stated that under the leadership of CEM Ronghang, KAAC has prepared a self-destructive Draft Law for Conduct and Preparation of Voters lists of KAAC in the model of the broken sixth schedule of BTC and TTAAC and have sent it to the governor of Assam for approval for passing in the KAAC.

“Further, we have learnt that KAAC has taken the Assam Assembly voters lists of 1957 as the cut-off year for registration of names in the voter lists of KAAC; we stated that there is no provision in the sixth Schedule for accepting the voter’s lists of the state Assembly election of any year. So, this acceptance is unconstitutional. Secondly, if the election of KAAC in 1957 was the first election, then it was held the Assam Autonomous District (Constitution of District Council) Rules, 1951 made by the governor under Paragraph 2, sub-Paragraph 6 only for constitution of the first district Council, It is pertinent to remind the KAAC that the Rules of 1951 have already been declared obsolete by the Hon’ble Gauhati High Court on 18-05-2018, and that is the reason why is pursuance of Paragraph 2, Sub-paragraph 7 of the sixth schedule, the Gauhati High Court has directed the KAAC to make a new law,” APHLC stated.

The regional party also demand that the draft Law for Conduct and preparation of Voters’ Lists of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council must be placed in the domain of the Hills Tribes People of Karbi Anglong for debate before sending it to the Governor of Assam for getting approval from him.

“The Hills tribes People of Karbi Anglong must be made eligible to vote and stand for all the elections of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, Traditional Hills Tribes Village Councils including Ser Van Keps, Municipal Boards, Town Committees, Co-operative societies and any other local bodies. This must be specifically written in the laws and rules being made under the sixth schedule to the Constitution of India. Moreover, the area covered by Bodoland Territorial Council was and is still Tribal Belt and blocks. So, there was no reason to break the sixth Schedule for applying it to Bodoland. This broken Sixth schedule of TTAADC of Tripura and BTC of Bodoland must never be brought to Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao. It is only a ploy and Autonomous Councils must not allow itself to be used by the Banga Sena in fulfilling their hidden agenda of turning Karbi Anglong and North East India into Bangabhumi as they have openly declared their intention to do,” the memorandum continued.

The memo was duly signed by its President JI Kathar, VP Rajesh Tisso, spokesman Angtong Ingti and secretary of Legal Cell Semson Teron.