Koilamati Broom Grass Cultivators Hit Hard by wild Jumbos and Rodents


KOILAMATI, Jan 11: Broom grass cultivators of Koilamati face alarming crisis, triggered by wild jumbo which have destroyed broom grass over hundreds of hectares which lead them stressful report said here today.

A herd of wild elephants, believed to have migrated from nearby forest in search of food went on the rampage causing huge losses to farmer. They even destroyed paddy. “This is not the end of the misery, but Rats have been destroying the paddy, farmers are in trouble,” local resident told. Further, local people told reporters the rodents have been feasting on thousands of acres more of paddy fields in Lokhon Hanse Langso Teroi Arong. Local farmers has urged upon the government and to collect data about the fields that were destroyed to seek help from the government.

According local farmers, most of the paddy fields in the area were destroyed by the rats and they have not left with paddy seed for the next planting season which has thrown their time ahead in precarious situation.