Sinasing Lekthe village celebrates ‘Rongker karkli’



BOKOJAN, Jan 11: One day ‘Rongker Karkli’, a traditional religious ritual was held at Sinasing Lekthe village today.

The ritual was performed by Kurusar Dorsing Lekthe, Samsing Lekthe, Tenzing Engti, Ramsing Terang, Longki Teron, Longken Kro, Sarthe Lekthe, Solok Lekthe.

The ritual was also attended by a host of villagers. The ritual was followed by a community lunch.

Karbi community from across the district celebrated ‘Rongker’ by holding religious rituals for the well-being of the villagers.

It could be mentioned that, the Karbis perform ‘Rongker Karkli’ as a ritual to the deities for the well being of the villagers and a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest.