Unnatural Epidemic of Crisis & Instability in North East India


Richard Ingti, Diphu, Karbi Anglong
The present scenario of crisis and instability in North East India is avoidable circumstances however it was deliberately created out of the political experiment carried out by the incumbent union government. Knowing the fact that CAB is a gallon of gasoline ready to ignite out of a little ignition in North East India which the region has been protested since CAB is in stage of its embryo but unfortunately the government ignored all of the fault indication that will resulted out from this political experiment. Assam and other north Eastern States are living in peace and slowly taking its leap into the path of development and progress but the incandescent rod lurking beneath the bed in the form of CAB to bring another agony and pain to the region were never dreamed of.

Assam in particular has witnessed its ugly history of bloodshed and civil war in the late 70s and early 80s popularly known as Foreigner Movement which has taken the life of 852 innocent Assamese life in their action towards the protection of indigenous culture and language. But why has the government of India pretend unseen over the past history? or is it their policy to poster North East as a boiling ground of unrest and instability orchestrated by neighbouring enemies. But without going into answer the question much of damage has been already inflicted into assam and north eastern state by implementing the fundamentally discriminatory Bill CAB, Assam and Tripura from long has been taken the burden of illegal Bangladeshis who has settled down in this two states and gradually its number has outnumbered the aborigines which has caused demographic and cultural imbalances in the region.

So when such is the situation razing in the entire of the north eastern states another fireball has explodes to rage the inferno. The Citizenship Ammendment Act. 2019 will pose a serious challenge for the survival of Assamese and indigenous tribals community as the newly acquired Indian citizen will grab over the land, economic, and political rights. The agony will not end up here but it will further accelerate as the number will keep on adding with the continuous outflow of relatives and families from Bangladesh to Assam and North Eastern states. Hence the fight for survival of the indigenous language, culture and identity will increase its intensity with each passing day and it will echoed for the decades to come due to the unpathetic and arrogant behaviour of the government.

The atmosphere of animosity and xenophobic has been created between Bengali and indigenous community of North East over CAA and it will remain perpetual as the fear of snatching away the land and political rights of the indigenous community will embedded in every minds. So it is clearly observable that the unnatural epidemic of crisis and instability in North East India in its present context has its root with CAB and it is not inadvertent but deliberately experimented and has yielded serious implications over itself but the political attitude remains unchanged and undeterred over the sentiment of the native aborigines just to entice the reign of their political hegemony in lust of power and position. Has CAB been not introduced and implemented the region would remain silent in peace and steadily edged towards the path of progress and stability coexisting with the rest of India. So all the consequences that North East has experience today is because of the dubious government policy of vote bank at the cost of endangering indigenous existence.