Hemphu Sports Club Wins Local Football Match


KHERONI, December 30: Hemphu Sports Club lifted the Trophy after defeating Sodar Sports Club by 2-1in a one day football match held at Karbi Rongsopi No. 2 playground on Monday.

The event was jointly organized by KSA (Kolonga head branch) and Vodengsiri Sports Club. The final match was played between Hemphu Sports Club and Sodar Sports Club.
William Kathar of Sodar Sports Club received best player award, while Sarkiri of Hemphu Sport Club bagged the best goalkeeper award during the post match presentation ceremony.

The match was played in presence of several guests who include Dongkamukam Town ward Commissioner Serlongki Bey, Vodengsiri Football Club president Bidya Timung, Im Bey, Menmeji Lamps Chairman Bidya Sing Teron and others.