Holy Family Church Japralangso Celebrates Advent Christmas


BOKAJAN, Dec 07: Holy Family Church Japralangso organised Christmas carol service and took out a car-cum-bike rally to mark Pre-Christmas celebrations in Japralangso and it adjoining areas today.

The rally was organised by the Holy family church Japralangso during which cars, bikes, auto-rickshaws and other vehicles were decorated with balloons, flowers and lights and took part in the carol service.

The rally was flagged off from Japralangso by Holy Family Church Japralangso taken out along Balipathar, Sarihajan Sukhanjan and returned church. Anchor Borsali Teron, Ferdinand Ekka, Rajesh Lekthe, Birn Terang,Junesh timung,Raju Sharma, Joyanta Sangma and Rev.k.s Ronghang were among the churches leader who took part in the programme.