28th Sikpui Ruoi Festival Celebrated in Diphu


DIPHU, Dec 05: Sikpui Ruoi, the post harvest festival of the Hmar tribe was celebrated with traditional gaiety and enthusiasm at Redeemer English School, Birla Gate, Diphu today.

Hmar tribe residing in Karbi Anglong came together to celebrate the occasion. On during the occasion,cultural dances such as Sikpui Lam, Chawn Lam, Pheipit Lam, Dente Lam, Fahrel Lam and others were performed by the youths.

Deputy Director General, Armed Forces Ministry of Defence VL Renga Hriler attended the event as chief guest while KAAC EM Ratan Teron, Sinlung Hills Council Aizawl Executive Member Lalvenhima Hmar, 20 Bn, CRPF Commandant Jeamy Anal, Karbi Anglong Hmar Association(KAHA) president S.Thiek graced the festival as dignitaries.
The celebration was held under the chairmanship of T. Faihriem.

It could be mention that, Sikpui Ruoi, one of the important festivals of the Hmar community.In olden days, the festival was celebrated for a week and some times, lasted for a month. The main charm of the festival is unity. It is a platform where the rich, poor, young and old can participate without any social inhibition and that is a distinctive feature of Sikpui Ruoi. On this auspicious occasion, everyone be it young or old, rich or poor, dance in blissful harmony on a common platform.