Putsari and adjoining areas still living sans mobile network connectivity



BIRSINGKI, Dec 04: Villagers of at least 12 remote villages from extreme western border region of Karbi Anglong District are still living without the basic facilities of telephone or mobile network access, report our correspondent here today. .

The dreams for even minor internet and others services for the people of these villages situated in the mountainous areas, having no mobile network access even at this age when the IT sector is advancing in galloping pace, is still far cry. This ground truth is in complete contrast with Indian government’s declaration of the country as a fully digitized nation with quick and easy access to any information from anywhere. While interacting with some of the villagers, it has been reported that they expressed their strong resentment against the deprivation of their basic rights and denial of mobile phone network connection and other facilities in their villages including Putsari, Langerdang and it adjoining areas.

Villagers stated that area are located far off in border areas has been enduring hardship of diverse nature due government’s continued apathy in addition to being plagued with almost zero road connectivity, appalling conditions of schools and absence of even basic infrastructures.

Further, villagers stated they have submitted a petition to the KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang and local MAC 3 years back seeking his intervention for the installation of mobile towers in their areas but their plea has not yet translated into action till date. People of the area has severely criticized the present KAAC CEM and local leader Elwin Teron for utter failure to fulfill on their promises to provide mobile network connectivity around 2 years year back but the essential infrastructures are yet to develop to ensure smooth services for the villagers.

The villagers had to walk more than 5 kilometres on top of the mountain in search of network to talk with their children who are pursuing their higher education outside the district.

The villagers also lamented that for not being able to communicate very important information and messages or received them in time.

The villagers has urged upon the State Government and KAAC for immediate solution to the mobile network issue and other basic needs at the earliest in the greater interests of all the villagers of the area.