Editorial : Are children safe in Diphu?


The rape of an 11 year old girl in Langmili, Diphu few days back confirms that children are not safe in Karbi Anglong. The incident that happened on November 23 and 25 and on September 17, 2019 where another minor girl was gang raped by her own maternal uncle and his friend in the vicinity of Diphu Town shook the peaceful town like an earthquake. Both the incidents confirm that child sexual abuse is on the rise in the usually peaceful district. It can be roughly concluded that two minors were sexually assaulted within a span of three months in the district’s headquarter. It is quite bizarre that both the victims were raped by persons known to them. It is noteworthy that women organisations were strong enough to raise their voices that led to the arrest of the culprits. The culprits were arrested and hopefully they are in jail now awaiting their trials. We are sure that Law will take its own course of action and strong punishment will be awarded to them sooner or later.

However, what pains me the most is thinking about the extreme trauma the victims are facing at present. There are many other rape incidents but in this particular piece, I am considering only about the recent incidents that occurred in September and November 2019. The incidents where two children are being robbed of their childhood and a shock they might never be able to recover because a child who is sexually abused has to face very serious consequences such as violent and risk behavior including anxiety, depression etc. It can also lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because it is extremely stressful to realize that someone they loved and trusted has sexually abused them.

What is more fearful is that both the predators are well known to the victims. It would be a little better if the predators would be imprisoned for life because life would be a living hell for the victims if the rapists are out of prison and they are to see them more frequently. Since one of the rapists is a family member of the victim, they will have to live in the same social circle and that will have a great impact on the victim. What is more terrifying is that the victim is a minor. It would do some good for the victims if they don’t have to see their predators ever again.

Therefore, in my opinion, it would be best if child rapists are imprisoned for life. In case they become free, they should not be allowed to live in a society in which the victims live so that they would be able to overcome from the trauma. Apart from medical treatment, the victims should also be counseled and should be told that the incident is not their fault. The public should also be supportive and should not blame the victims for what have happened to them. The public also should conduct awareness programmes about sexual assault, prevention strategies etc for the betterment of the society.