Kurdish leader to interact with Guwahati scribes


GUWAHATI, Nov 26: Kurdish leader Diary Khalid Marif will interact with the city-based scribes at Guwahati Press Club on Saturday  (30 November 2019) where he would explain the aspiration of Kurdish people scattered in different countries. A regular contributor of different media outlets across the globe as a political analyst Marif will be available through video conferencing from 7 pm for the program.

Hails from Iraq, Marif used to study international history in Pune University (India) and presently he is based in Vancouver (Canada). The young activist is expected to answer queries from scribes about the pain & humiliations faced by the freedom-loving Kurdish people in Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq etc. He may also hint on India’s probable future role in their freedom movement. Member-journalists of the press club are requested to participate in the program.