12th KASA Club Football Ch’ship final match today


TUMPRENG, Nov 19: The 12th KASA Club Football Championship final match will be played Wednesday between Eragdow FC, Langhin and The Pilgrims FC Diphu. This was announced today by Vothatlangso Sports Association president Lipson Bey here today.

While speaking to media persons, Vothatlangso Sports Association president informed that Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) EM Amarsing Tisso donated for the championship tournament which is being organised by Karbi Anglong Sports Association and hosted by Vothatlangso Sports Association. He also said that the championship was organised in the memory of Lt. Monsing Tisso.

Further Bey also informed that KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang would attend to witness the final match along with MLA Dr. Mansing Rongpi, DC Hamren and EMs and MACs.

It may be mention that Serdihun aklam stadium was established in the year 1981. Since then the stadium had helped lots of young people in the areas to develop their skills in the field of games and sports.

The final match would kick start at 1 pm, officials informed.