EM Mongalsing Timung Inspects Road Construction Site at Langnimso


KHERONI, Nov 06: KAAC EM Mongalsing Timung on Wednesday paid a visit to the site of the ongoing road construction site at Langnimso Arong under Hamren MAC constituency.
EM Timung visited the site to oversee the overall work progress under PMGSY scheme for the session 2018-19 from Dongkamukam Kekang Arong to Langnimso, covering a distance of 8.445 kilometers.

Knowing that the particular road is a lifeline to several villages in and around Langnimso, EM Mongalsing Timung laid foundation stone for the construction of the said road on July 3, 2019.

While addressing the media, he stated that the road construction will be completed in a short while and that the people of Langnimso will no longer have to face any problem while supplying their crops to the market.