24th Wangala Festival Starts


DEN ARONG, Nov 06: The 24th Wangala Festival formally kicked off amid much endeavour t Nopakghat on Wednesday.

The festival started with a formal inauguration carried out by KAAC EM Lunsing Teron at 9:00 am. Several dignitaries who include MLA Joyram Engleng, EM Raju Tisso, VDC chairman Orson Rongpi, Joseph Sangma and others were present during the inauguration.

While addressing the gathering, EM Teron promised the participants that he will award an amount of Rs. 10,000 for the best team, Rs. 5000 for the first runners up and Rs. 3000 for the second runners up respectively.

Addressing the gathering, EM Teron spoke about the importance of culture and traditions and urged the Garos to preserve their language, culture and traditions before it is too late.

On the other hand, MLA Joyram Engleng also stated that the identity of a particular tribe or community is their language, culture and traditions and urged them to preserve it.

MLA Engleng was accompanied by Dhaniram Tisso, singer Bhoben Engleng, singers Baree Rongpharpi and Kaban Rongpharpi.