Protest Disrupts Gaon Panchayat Formation in Dengaon


DEN ARONG, Nov 04: In an untoward incident, employees of Samelangso Development Block who went to Dengaon to form a Gaon Panchayat body were barred by members of Karbi Rong Asar Amei (KRAA) to carry out the task assigned to them.
Employees of Samelangso Block went to the location at Dengaon playground as per the order of the state government in order to organise a meeting for Mahamaya and Nomati MAC constituencies and form a gaon panchayat. However, strong protests from the KRAA members forced them to retreat.

Reports said that as the officials were about to conduct the meeting, KRAA members went to the spot and told the officials to withdraw immediately.

Members of KRAA told obsrever Ajit Bora that they had a discussion with KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang regarding the matter in the past and said that they are still waiting for the CEM’s befitting reply.

“We will not allow the government employees to form a gaon panchayat until CEM gave us his reply regarding the issue. We should know the reason and purpose of forming gaon panchayat in our district,” KRAA leaders stated.

On the other hand, observer Ajit Bora promised KRAA to relate the matter to the higher authority.