27th ZKYF Successfully Concluded in Amri


BIRSINGKI, Oct 10: The 27th Zonal Karbi Youth Festival (ZKYF) was successfully concluded in Amri on a grand and colourful note Wednesday night.

The concluding day event was chaired by Harlinson Ronghi and was graced, as chief guest, by Karbi Cultural Society (KCS) president Chandra Sing Kro, and invited guests that include MAC D. Uphing Maslai, VDC chairman Basa Kro, Amri LAMPS chairman Bikram Timung, ATSU central committee vice president Limsing Pumah, observer Longmukrang Terang, budding singer Songja Bey, reception committee president Bijoysing Teron, general secretary Fringki Kro, Amri KCS general secretary Winchester Engti, and ZKYF finance secretary Sabendra Ronghi among others.

Dengjirso KCS unit was again declared as the best unit for the year 2019, the fourth honour by the unit. The best zone was judged as per its overall display of skills in competition and the other conducts that include unity, timing and overall etiquettes during the entire festival from day-1. Central KCS members Sarsing Engti, Budheswar Kro and Hingchong Tisso were also deputed as observer for this year zonal festival edition.

Edmund Timung and Sara Engtipi were declared as Mr. Amri and Miss Amri 2019 respectively during the festival.

While delivering his speech KCS president Chandra Sing Kro said that loving and protecting one’s culture is true patriotism. He also asserted that all individuals should make habit of speaking in one’s own tongue more to able to master it and protect it from extinction. He said that learning and speaking other language is never bad but one should first give primary focus on one’s own language as it is the root and base of one’s culture.

Further, KCS president CS Kro said that one should learn and practice more of Bongoi’-Alun and reminded that culture should be always kept out of politics. The KCS president stole the show with singing of his self-composed song ‘Duhuidi kaseng parman.’