PDCK Extend Best Wishes for KZYF


DIPHU, Oct 04: Underground group People’s Democratic Council of Karbi-Longri (PDCK) has extended its best wishes for the upcoming Karbi Zonal Youth Festival (KZYF) 2019 to begin from October 6 to 9, 2019. This was conveyed through a press release issued through its vice chairman Mir-ang Shir-ang today.

The underground stated that there might be some traditional practices among different indigenous tribes that are identical but each has its separate identity and culture that are distinctively unique which makes it more special. The group stated that there have been drastic transformation under the Western Southeast Asia (WESEA) region and the effort to preserve and promote one’s culture deserves great high respect. The underground group also reminded that indigenous tribes face threat from alien cultures but the zonal festival is a sign of its strong affirmation and resistance. Further, PDCK stated that traditional and folk culture including songs, dances and traditional attires of the Karbis are very rich and therefore, are very encouraging. “The PDCK would like to expressed our gratitude to all defender and upholder of Karbi culture and tradition specially the youths and the Karbi Cultural Society, and further appealed upon the upcoming generation to continue upholding and follow the path of its architect and thinkers,” said the PDCK.

The underground group concluded its press note stating they are committed towards the protection of its land and stands with people towards the protection of its culture and identity at all times.