Mobs Attacked Youths on Suspicion of Child Abductors: JI Kathar


Urge all to provide humanitarian assistance to affected families

DIPHU, Oct 04: In a press statement, the All Party Hills Conference Leaders (APHLC) president J.I. Kathar reasserted that the two youths who lost their lives in Panjuri, Kangthilangso on June 8, 2018, were attacked by mob on suspicion of child abductors and not as portrayed by state electronic news media. This was stated in a press statement issued by Kathar here in Diphu today.

Kathar came down heavily on Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) CEM, a KSA leader and Padmashri for terribly failing to elucidating causes and motive behind the incident and surrendered their self-respect by begging for compassion before the victim’s family which he said, lowered the dignity of the entire Karbi tribe portraying them guilty before the country and UN. The APHLC president also blamed public for not being able to come out and protest, which he stated, might be one reason the High Court rejecting the interim bail of defense lawyers.

In addition to this, the APHLC has accused state police of committing great injustice and partiality pointing that several youths who have responded in social media against communal statement made non-ST people have been arrested and sent to prison while not a single out of the 84 non-ST individuals who made communal statement have never been arrested. The 24+ organizations even lodged FIR against the 84 persons at Diphu Police Station on June 20, 2018, but no action has been taken by police despite submitting FIR before SP again, Kathar stated. The Diphu Police Station officer in charge issued notice stating that the case was true but no clue of accused person, Kathar added.

The APHLC president concluded its long press statement urging organizations, religious groups, political parties, women organizations, students and other organizations to reach out to the families of the 48 arrested persons to provide humanitarian assistance and to be vigilant against third forces working to create communal hatred and disharmony between Assamese and Karbis.