Delay in Postal Delivery Destroying Several Lives in Ulukunchi


Irked Public Demands KAAC for Immediate Intervention and main Post Office

BIRSINGKI, Oct 04: Immense anger prevailed in Ulukunchi area under the Amri Constituency in West Karbi Anglong district after many local citizens did not receive their calling letters on time.

Local citizens told reporters that even official letters and other private documents have to be collected from Jagiroad by postman only after two to three days resulting in many local citizens missing on their dates of various purposes.

Further, local people told reporters that only one postman is appointed and is cover huge area around 50 kilometres making it impossible deliver collection and dispatching service on time. The situation is further aggravated due to the absence of post master since the past three months. Due to the absence of post master many people of the area are now under immense difficulty and are not able to get their work done.

One youth received calling letters 4 days after due dates from Indian Navy while another youth received calling letters from forest department after its due date. Many youths have lost work and other opportunities due to delay in its delivery of official letters and their families felt devastated by it.

Local people are now vigorously demanding establishment of main post for the area and has appealed the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) for their immediate intervention and initiatives for its permanent solution at the earliest in the greater interest of the people of the huge area and the society as whole.