All Assam Police Day and awareness programme held in Jengkha



DIPHU, Oct 01: The All Assam Police Day was observed cum awareness programme was observed today in Jengkha. The programme was organized under the initiative of Jengkha Patrol post i/c Gunja Dutta.

The programme was chaired by Bamonpo College principal Jiten Sing Rongpi. During the programme, the resource person highlighted ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ campaign programme in the country beginning from mid-September to October 2, 2019, and also on the negative impact on the health and on the whole society due to drug abuse. Resource person also talked about the harmful effects of single-use plastic on environment. Later in the programme, ‘Clean Jengkha’ pledge was also unanimously adopted aimed at ban on the sale and use of single-use plastics.

The area police also declared its pledge to stop any business or activities harmful to the society announcing tough action against people involved in sale of drugs and narcotics products and similar action on sale of expired items which directly affects the health of customers and the overall health of the public.

Bamonpo College principal Jiten Sing Rongpi, WKAD KAPTA secretary Mohan Sing Kro, Cotton Farm Inspector Kangbura Teron, media person Dhoniram Tisso, Jengkha ME School headmaster Indrajit Chauhan, Raj Kumar Chauhan , Batplang English High School headmaster Welson Tisso, SGBs, government and private teachers and huge number of students attended the awareness programme.