IGSSS and women Group Observe the International Day of Peace in Nilip


DIPHU, Sept 21: Along with rest of the world, International Day of Peace was also observed at Nilip today. This was informed by Nilip Women Peace Committee Federation here this evening.

The day was observed with theme “Climate Action for Peace” to bring more awareness the global climate emergency is a threat to security and stability among the people of the area. Through this programme, the organizer highlighted several burning issues related to climate change that is affecting many people across many countries which in turn affects the whole environment and bio-diversity and on society in broader since.

In its press note, the Nilip Women Peace Committee Federation has appealed upon the people of Karbi Anglong to stand united against injustice, evil practices and anti social elements disrupting the peaceful co-existence between diverse communities living in the beautiful district of Karbi Anglong irrespective of caste, race, sex and religion.

“The Nilip Women Peace Committee Federation would also like to therefore, convey a message or appeal to the masses of Karbi Anglong to join hands for creating a better & safer place to live in by protecting our environment through plantation of more trees, saying no to plastic use, reducing exploitation of natural resources and keeping our surroundings clean,” read the statement.

It may be mentioned that since the launch of Peace Action Project in Karbi Anglong, the Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) in Karbi Anglong, with its women peace committees as the agents of peace has always observed the same every year collaborating with various eminent organizations or stakeholders including the Karbi Anglong Peace Forum, United Christian Forum, Karbi Students’ Association, Rengma Naga Students’ Union, Dimasa Students’ Union etc.