Football Friendly Match Held


DILLAI, Sept 14: A friendly football match organised by Dillai Head branch ex-KSA under the theme “Peace, Unity and entertainment” was held today at Dillai playground, Dillai. Ex -KSA team won the match by 1-0.

The friendly match was organized to strengthen the bond between present and former-KSA members. “It was an occasion where there was a feeling of brotherhood and friendship among the participants of both team,” they said.

The football match played between Ex-KSA Dillai head branch and present KSA Dillai head branch was graced by ex-president Kensing Timung, social worker Joysing Timung, ex-VDC chairman Pudumi Ingtipi, social worker Chondrosing Singnar and Dilip Dey as special invitee.