KSA demands immediate appointment of teacher for Thedong LP School


DIPHU, Sept 13:  Karbi Students Association (KSA) Tengkerenglangso Branch Committee has submitted memorandum to the District Primary Education officer (DPEO) demanding re-appointment of teachers at Thedong LP School today.

In its memorandum the students’ organization pointed out that that the said LP school has been closed down soon after the end of Gunotsav 2018 as Nimai Ch. Das, the only teacher, has been transferred and posts became vacant since then.

The students’ organization also said that the students at the said school are getting uninterested and spoilt due to absence of teachers for almost a year. KSA has made fervent appeal upon the concerned authority of the Education Department for speed up the process of re-appointment teacher for the school without further delay as the lives and career of the children of the area are at stake and in the greater interest of the whole society.