AGVB Amalgamation Works Hits Ulukunchi Branch Customers


BIRSINGKI, Sept 10: People of Ulukunchi area having account with Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank (LDRB) has been suffering immensely due to the ongoing amalgamation process which has also been met with wide protest in the hill districts of Karbi Anglong.

The Ulukunchi branch of the bank now designated as Assam Gramin Vikash Bank (AGVB) covers Amri and Chinthong constituency and huge number of account holders have to travel 30-40 kilometres long distance to reach the AGVB Ulukunchi branch have expressed their immense shock, anger and frustration over the inability of the bank to get their transaction done forcing many of them to return home over and over again. Several account holders have told TDE that they are not aware about the ongoing amalgamation work of the bank.

Dejected over the inability of the bank to discharge their application, many customers have been forced to return home empty handed. On the other hand, several customers have also lauded bank employee Pynbhalang Rattane for helping several customers to deposit and withdraw money from the bank.

Meanwhile, huge number of local population has demanded new building and additional cash counter for the Ulukanchi branch in the greater interest and convenience people of the two constituencies.