HSDC and Allies Observe Anti-State Repression Day


DIPHU, Sept 09: The 33rd Anti-State Repression Day was observed jointly by HSDC, KSA, KNCA and 16+ organizations on September 3, 2019 at KSA complex Lumding Road. This was stated in press statement by HSDC office in charge Nakul Killing here this evening.

The regional party informed that the day assume great significance reminding of the first ever Assam Police firing on unarmed peaceful Karbi Picketers which took place during 36 hours Karbi Anglong bandh from 3rd and 4th of September, 1986, in their demand for the creation of Autonomous State under Art-244 (A). The particular incident took place on September 3 at 11:30 a.m. at Daily Market Complex in front of CCI main gate Bokajan.

Further, the party stated that a large gang of police force led by SDPO Laxmi Kanta Tamuli was heard shouting, ‘Mikir Lengti People Go Back,’ and gave order to fire on peaceful picketers. Picketers received bullet injury but police failed to disperse them upon which the police launched lathi-charge and opened teargas during which Sing Killing (35), Captain David Ronghang, 18, Basapi Beypi 16, Merina Beypi 25, Sonsing Engleng 22 and sustained serious injuries.

Dr. Jayanta Rongpi top movement leaders and groups were arrested from the spot and sent them to Central Jail at Jorhat. Mr. Rongpi is created history among Autonomous State movement leader because there is no arrest on Autonomous State movement leader since 1967, stated the regional party.

More than 100 participants attended the event including CPI (ML) National General Secretary Com. Dipankar Bhattacharjee, PB Member, Rubul Sharma, CCM Protima Engheepi, Robi Kr. Phangcho, Dimasa Students leader Dhiraj Jigdung, Kuki leader Tohthang Tongthang, KSA president Semeon Rongphar. KAWJF president Beaulet Beypi, G.Secretary Prescilla Terangpi, Sira Beypi, HSDC General Secretary, Laichan Engleng President, Selawar Bey among others.

During the event Bhattacharjee severely criticized BJP government accusing it of having parochial mind set towards Muslims, Christians, Tribals and attempting to do away Art-244(A) like it had done to Kashmir. He concluded his speech with a clarion call to all resurgent Karbi youth in particular and the people Karbi Anglong in general to end the BJP regime.

The event concluded with chanting of slogan ‘No State, No Rest!,’ informed the press statement.