KSA hold educational and social awareness prog in Lang-erdang



BIRSINGKI, Sept 07: An educational and social awareness programme was held at Lang-erdang community hall during which several subjects pertaining to the education was discussed. The programme was organized by Karbi Students’ Association (KSA) Amri unit.

The programme was chaired by KSA Amri branch committee president Hemari Engti and guests invited at the programme were introduced by secretary Babusing Millik. KSA central committee president Samson Teron, KSA Hamren District Committee publicity in charge Babu Rongpi, All Tiwa Students Union (ATSU) secretary Protesor Mithi, Khasi Students Union (KSU) secretary Pyanshngainlang Rattene, Putsari Area Development Committee president Roman Puma, Karate Association of Karbi Anglong District secretary Bindu Puma, Putsari Area SGBs , GBs and several local youths attended the programme.

Speaking at the programme, KSA president Samson Teron while highlighting several issues of the area including lack of basic facilities and infrastructures like road, electricity, drinking water, stated that education remains the backbone of society and has the capacity bringing change to society even when surrounded by these challenges. He also stressed on the need for inculcating moral values from home in order to become a source for the society and a good citizen of the country.

ATSU secretary Protesor Mithi during his speech focused on the need unity and coordination among different tribes and communities for holistic development and progress of the area. While Karbi Anglong District secretary Bindu Puma stated urge upon all youth towards involving themselves in extra-curricular activities and especially in self defense like Karate which offers great opportunities for growth and career as well.

Majority of the speakers today highlighted similar views related to development of basic infrastructure in the region and stated that organizations would be forced to take up stern movement if Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) do not take up develop developmental works in the region in coming days.