Kangthilangso incident: Orgs urge complainant to drop case against defense counsels


Staff Reporter

DIPHU, Sept 02: Several organisations on Monday urged the complainant to reconsider and withdraw the case lodged against Arkoy Ingti Kathar and Sarlongki Engti, the defense counsels of the 48 accused in the mob lynching incident. This was stated during a joint press conference on Kangthilangso incident convened by several organizations of the district in Diphu.

During the press conference held at the head office of the Karbi Students’ Association at Rongtheang in Diphu, several organizations comprising of JACAS, HTL, KSA, KNCA, KSYC, KFA, APHLC, KARAA, KSU, KLNLF and KAUPA have expressed serious concern over the FIR lodged against the two defense counsels of mob lynching at Panjuri terming the move as “threatening and inducing the witnesses.”

During the press conference JACAS chairman Khorsing Teron said, “We urge Gopal Ch. Das and Ajit Kr. Nath to reconsider and withdraw their complaint in the greater interest of communal harmony. Let law and police take their own course and as a community, no one from Karbi Anglong created any hindrances in the investigation processes. In addition to this, no organization or people raised their voice against the complete lockdown of the huge area to allow investigation in which 48 persons involved in the incident were arrested and the case was even transferred from Diphu Judicial Court to Nagaon.”

“We reiterate our stand that we want justice to be delivered to the family and that the real culprits should be punished as per the law of the land. But in the process, innocent people should not be harassed and victimized. We still believed in the judiciary and that justice will prevail,” Teron concluded.

During the press conference, JI Kathar said, “Law has already taken its own courses of action. Police have arrested and charge-sheeted 48 persons in connection with the incident. The case has been transferred from Diphu Judicial Court to Nagaon Judicial Court. The trial is going on. Time and again, we have demanded that the real culprits should be punished as per law of the land and justice should be delivered to Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath, but in the process, no innocent persons should be harassed or victimized. We have faith in the judicial system and we believe that justice would prevail.”

JI Kathar also hit out at state news channel of fanning communal feeling running news repeating scenes of the incident when the matter is portraying the whole Bodo and Karbi in particular, as communal. While condemning the death of two innocent youths, he also reminded that the two innocent youths were killed by mob believing them to be child abductors and not because they were Assamese as news of child lifters which were viral prior to the incident. “I believe that there is a third force was working to create permanent enmity between Karbis and Assamese which culminated with Kangthilangso incident,” said Kathar. The retired IAS officer also stated that investigation should be made to all matters relating to victims and alleged accused as the incident took place at night considering that the area is located in the interior area where majority would not venture after dusk.

In a press statement which was later provided to media, the organizations said, “As far as our knowledge is concerned, legal profession is a noble profession. So threatening witnesses by the two advocates is false and its objective is communal, hence we are constrained to ask in public whether the accused persons (all belonging to Karbi and Bodo tribe) have no right to be represented in the court by lawyer(s) or whether representing them in the court is a crime? We, therefore, appeal the complainants Shri Gopal Chandra Das and Shri Ajit Kumar Nath to take their complaint into reconsideration and withdraw the same for the greater interest of communal harmony. We can understand the gnawing pain the bereaved families are suffering.”